Potential energy savings for different households

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New figures released by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) show that 62% of the average household’s bill goes on heating the home (both space and water).

The Trust has also revealed that in an uninsulated home, walls are the worst offenders for heat loss with a third of all lost heat taking this route. The roof was named as the second worst offender with just over a quarter escaping through the roof.

In addition, the EST has published energy saving figures for five different home types on its website, enabling householders to pinpoint the specific savings they can make.

The figures reflect the latest fuel prices and calculate the amount of money and CO2 that can be saved through energy efficiency.

EST chief executive, Philip Sellwood, comments: “Our figures now show potential monetary savings for five different home types from a detached house to a mid-floor flat, and a range of options depending on whether someone is topping up their loft or insulating for the first time, or switching from a G-rated boiler to an A-rated, or a D-rated to an A-rated.

“We’re considered to hold the gold standard for energy saving statistics and it’s vital that householders get the latest impartial information to inform their decision-making.”

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