Massive tidal power plant to be built at Swansea Bay

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Tidal Lagoon Power Ltd (TLP) is progressing plans to construct the largest tidal lagoon power plant in the world in Swansea Bay.

After three years of feasibility work and impact assessments, the company has submitted its application for a Development Consent Order under the Planning Act 2008.

Described as a “game-changing” infrastructure project for the UK, the application will now be reviewed by the Planning Inspectorate before public examination, and then determination by the Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change.

The project would see a 9.5 km long sea wall built to capture enough renewable energy from incoming and outgoing tides to power over 120,000 homes for 120 years.

Furthermore, TLP aims to source at least 65% of content in the UK, kick-starting a new manufacturing industry and future export market.

The firm’s chief executive officer, Mark Shorrock, comments: “Until now, tidal energy has been heavily promoted by governments and environmentalists as an intuitive source of clean and reliable energy for our island nation, but the business response has focused on relatively small-scale tidal stream devices.”

He adds: “Our intention is to supply 10% of the UK’s domestic electricity by building at least five full-scale tidal lagoons in UK waters by 2023, before the UK sees any generation from new nuclear.”

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