More support for community energy projects

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The Government says it will be broadening the support available for community energy projects whereby people come together to reduce energy use or purchase and generate their own.

Plans include:

  • £10 million Urban Community Energy Fund to kick-start community energy generation projects in England.
  • £1 million Big Energy Saving Network funding to support the work of volunteers helping vulnerable consumers to reduce their energy use.
  • A community energy saving competition offering £100,000 to communities to develop innovative approaches to saving energy and money.
  • A “one-stop shop” information resource for people interested in developing community energy projects.

Energy and Climate Change Minister, Greg Barker, comments: “In the future, the generation of electricity by communities themselves could put pressure on energy suppliers to drive down prices, creating warmer homes, cutting carbon emissions and diversifying the UK’s energy mix.”

According to estimates, energy generation schemes involving local communities could supply enough electricity for one million homes by 2020.

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