Maximise milk’s value or lose supplies says NFU

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Dairy farmers expect forward-looking buyers to seek markets that maximise the value of milk and dairy products, the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) said today.

Around 85% of milk procurement volume is now signed up to the Dairy Industry Code of Best Practice for Contractual Relations. In addition, major milk buyers are developing modern, dynamic milk pricing mechanisms and the general public has a much better understanding of the situation facing British farmers.

According to NFU dairy board chairman, Mansel Raymond, there is an “insatiable and growing” demand for dairy products globally so there is only one way in which the price of milk should go – and that is up.

Mr Raymond added: “Our message is a simple one to all those who buy, use and sell the milk that farmers produce. Farmers need and deserve a market price that fairly reflects the growing value of raw milk, that allows them to reinvest and that gives confidence for the future.

“Any part of the UK market that fails to achieve that  risks losing supplies of dairy products to those companies who are taking the future of the British dairy industry seriously; that will be my message to retailers and food service companies in forthcoming meetings.”


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