Defra to meet the cost of removing sheep killed in snow

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Farmers in England are to be reimbursed for the cost of removing sheep killed in last month’s snowfall.

Defra is making up to £250,000 available to help cover the cost of removing sheep that didn’t survive the freak weather.

The move is the latest in a programme of support to help England’s farmers, who have already been permitted to bury or burn livestock onsite.

Farming Minister, David Heath, comments: “As I saw on my recent visit to Cumbria, the loss of sheep in recent snow has taken a terrible emotional and financial toll on farmers.

“We have been working with the National Fallen Stock Company (NFSC) to find the fairest way to help them meet the cost of removing their stock.

“I’m pleased to be able to announce this support today and call upon the public to lend their own support to our farmers by choosing British lamb.”

Defra has already worked with the NFSC to encourage collectors to offer discounted rates for removing more than ten sheep at a time and farmers will be reimbursed in line with this discounted rate.

In May, Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson will host a meeting of farming sector representatives, charities and banks to highlight the financial impact that exceptional weather is having on farm businesses and to see what more can be done to support those who are struggling financially.

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