Latest bute test results on horse carcasses

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In the wake of the horse meat contamination scandal, the Food Standards Agency has reported that tests on the presence of phenylbutazone (bute) in horses slaughtered in the UK found that eight out of 203 carcases tested positive for the drug, which should not enter the human food chain.

Of these eight, six were sent to France and may have entered the food chain. They were slaughtered by LJ Potter Partners at Stillman’s (Somerset) Ltd, Taunton.

The remaining two didn’t leave the slaughterhouse in the UK (High Peak Meat Exports Ltd, Nantwich) and have now been disposed of in accordance with EU rules.

From this week, a positive release system for horses slaughtered in the UK has been in operation meaning that that all horse carcasses have to test negative for bute before they can enter the food chain.

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