Trade Credit

We can provide services to the following clients: partnerships of four or more people; trusts and charities; limited companies and public limited companies. We regret we cannot assist sole traders and partnerships of under four people.

At Commercial Money Matters we can source funding for importers in the form of trade credit, providing capital for transactions that might not otherwise proceed.

Using our expertise, experience and market knowledge we create bespoke solutions using specialist lenders who will fund supplier deposits and can act as the “importer”, settling VAT, import duties and freight costs. This form of credit can also work alongside existing invoice finance facilities, should they exist.

Essentials of a trade credit arrangement include:

  • Importer/borrower must be a sound and established business
  • Goods must be of quality and sourced from an established, reputable supplier
  • Goods must be pre-sold to quality customers at a suitable profit margin
  • Period between importation and sale 90 days maximum.

How we work:

Your enquiry will be dealt with by a dedicated specialist consultant who will:

  • seek out all relevant information
  • access our database of lenders
  • negotiate on your behalf
  • report findings
  • guide you to completion, explaining complexities throughout

Our lenders include High Street names and specialist firms that have stood the test of time in our dealings with them.

In a fast changing environment our advice is grounded in the moment and we don’t waste clients’ time with promises that can’t be delivered.

Our reputation for in-depth knowledge, straight talking and efficiency has been built over years; we have been servicing business since 1989.