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T-pylon offered for first time in UK

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National Grid has announced that the T-pylon, the winner of the Pylon Design Competition, is being offered for the first time in the UK for a new electricity connection in Somerset.

One of the key objectives of the competition was to see if innovations in design and technology could improve an 85 year old structure that has divided popular opinion since its inauguration – the new design has a single pole and T shaped cross arms which hold the conductors and wires in a diamond “earring” shape.

The pylon can stand at a height of just 35 metres, 10 to 15 metres shorter than the traditional lattice towers.

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Edward Davey, says: “Now communities can be offered a new choice and a radical departure from the traditional lattice.

“A smaller pylon, one third shorter than its predecessor, with different finishes allowing it to blend into the landscape – T pylon is a striking and elegant design.”

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