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Road freight industry encouraged to benefit from trailer trial

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Freight operators are being given another chance to join a 10-year trial enabling them to use longer goods vehicles on UK roads, Transport Minister, Stephen Hammond, announced today.

When it was launched in 2012, the Government’s longer semi-trailer trial enabled freight operators to bid for a share of 1,800 vehicle allocations, but so far around 1,250 allocations remain unused.

However, this is not a vehicle for all sectors and is reckoned to be most beneficial on journeys where the goods carried are high volume, low weight, as vehicle fill can be improved.

Commenting on the trial, Mr Hammond, says: “Freight operators play a crucial role in ensuring the wheels of our economy remain well-oiled by supporting UK trade and industry and transporting the goods we need.

“Longer semi-trailers enable freight companies to transport more goods, more efficiently, and should give significant economic and environmental benefits. We want to maximise their use during the trial to ensure we properly assess the benefits.”

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