SPS payments delivered in record time

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The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) says it has already surpassed last year’s performance on the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) by meeting its end of December targets four weeks ahead of schedule.

The Agency has already paid out to 96,669 SPS customers, equating to 95% of  the total and 91.4% of the estimated fund value.

Environment Secretary, Elizabeth Truss, comments: “Over the last four years the Rural Payments Agency has improved beyond recognition and I am delighted that once again almost all farmers received their CAP funding on the first day of the payment window. I congratulate everyone involved at the Agency in achieving another record-breaking performance in the final year of the Single Payment Scheme.”

Ms Truss adds that if farmers want to be paid as early as possible next year, they should register on the new rural payments online service as soon as they are invited to do so.

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