Renewable Energy Exchange launches networking events

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The Feed-in Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive mean that those who invest in renewable technologies can claim payments for the electricity and heat they generate.

According to the Renewable Energy Exchange (REX), the prospect of guaranteed long-term revenue streams and limited exposure to rising energy prices has already created huge interest.

And now, with the upcoming Green Deal programme, there will be further financial incentives for businesses and homeowners to invest in both renewable technologies and energy efficiency solutions.

However, deciding which technologies to use and identifying the most suitable suppliers can be easier said than done as potential buyers often have little knowledge of the technologies available and no easy way to distinguish between the growing number of suppliers in the market.

REX is therefore hosting networking events to create a market-place for those interested in investing in renewable energy to meet with potential suppliers.

Each event will bring together a range of companies available for pre-arranged appointments to discuss the viability of potential renewable projects such as solar pv, wind power, biomass heating, heat pumps and solar thermal.

In addition, there are Green Deal seminars and workshops focused on energy efficiency projects. Dates and venues for 2013 are available on the Exchange’s website.

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