No rise in AHDB levy

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The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has announced that there will be no rise in levy rates, for the third year running.

In addition, the Board says its focus for the 12 months ahead will be as follows:

  1. to help levy payers improve productivity and cost management (resource management, climate change, soils and water, managing market volatility)
  2. to help levy payers prevent and manage disease
  3. to help levy payers deliver market development (export development, promoting quality products to differentiate against imports, market information and analysis)
  4. to help levy payers understand and adapt to the regulatory and policy environment
  5. to help levy payers address labour market issues and skills development

AHDB chairman, Peter Kendall, comments:  “AHDB’s role is to help build a confident, competitive industry which is constantly learning and adapting, acquiring new skills, innovating and adopting new technologies.

“During this year we will be thoroughly reviewing our strategies and activity plans. We will be discussing our spend priorities with levy payers – where best to focus our limited levy resources to deliver greatest impact for the long-term success of the industry.”

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