New tools and advice for bovine TB

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New tools and advice to help farmers stamp out bovine TB have been unveiled. Defra, the Animal and Plant Health Agency, the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, the National Farmers’ Union, the British Cattle Veterinary Association and Landex have come together to promote action and help famers and vets protect herds. All advice on bovine TB from government, farming experts, leading vets and agricultural colleges is now available from one single website –

The cross-industry campaign will also promote a new Bovine TB Biosecurity Five Point Plan to improve disease prevention on farm and in the cattle trade. Recommended actions include asking for a herd’s TB history before buying cattle and taking steps to minimise wildlife access to cattle, their feed and their housing.

From the end of November, posters featuring the set of industry-endorsed actions will be on display in Animal and Plant Health Agency offices, vet surgeries and cattle auction marts. Copies will be sent to farmers around the country, together with regular surveys to track progress.

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