New Food Crime Unit announced

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All the recommendations in the Elliott report on food integrity and assurance of supply networks have been accepted by the Government, Environment Secretary, Elizabeth Truss, has announced.

Professor Elliott’s review examines ways to prevent food fraud and improve the culture of our food supply chain so that the industry takes responsibility for the traceability of its products.

As a first step, the minister intends to set up a Food Crime Unit to protect shoppers from food fraudsters. She has also outlined further actions to make sure consumers know where there food comes from and what’s in it, as follows.

  • Improved labelling including new country of origin labelling introduced from April 2015.
  • Making it easier for food procurers to make decisions about the locality, authenticity and traceability of their food.
  • Improving public procurement of food and catering services to provide schools and hospitals with high quality British food and boost UK farming.
  • Improving food education in schools through a new national curriculum to give children a better understanding of where their food comes from and why it is important to know what is in our food.

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