Multi-million pound boost for British food industry

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The Government has announced £400 million of potential new business for the British food industry, as part of its long-term economic plan.

Central government is now committed to buying fresh, locally sourced, seasonal food – all food that can be bought locally will be bought locally.

The new measures are backed by a simplified food and drink buying standard (“The Plan for Public Procurement”) which should benefit thousands of British farmers, small businesses, and rural economies.

The public sector in England spends £1.2 billion every year on food and drink. Up to £600 million of that is spent on imported produce, £400 million of which could be sourced from within the UK.

In addition, the wider public sector will be encouraged and supported in using the new framework with the expectation that all schools and hospitals will, in future, serve more locally reared meats and freshly picked fruit and vegetables.

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