Met Office: 2014 warmest year on record

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Figures from the Met Office show that 2014 is on course to be one of the warmest, if not the warmest, year on record both globally and for the UK.

The global mean temperature for January to October is 0.57°C above the long-term (1961-1990) average and recent Met Office research also suggests the shift is likely to be due to human influence on the climate.

Responding to the data, Lord Deben, chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, says: “This is a timely reminder that temperatures continue to increase, with 14 out of the 15 hottest years on record occurring this century. We are also seeing trends in extreme weather globally and severe impacts in the UK in recent years.

“We should recognise the warning signs and redouble our efforts to get effective international agreements in Lima and Paris to move urgently to a low carbon economy. Being resilient in a two degree world will be much easier and cheaper than in a four degree world.”

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