Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is a broad term, but for CMM Rural it relates to the exemplary professional standards we endeavour to offer our clients and the way in which members of staff and the company as a whole contribute to the global and local community.

From our involvement with local charities to raising funds and increasing awareness about mine clearance projects in some of the most troubled countries in the world, we offer our time and resources with glad hearts.

Launch of inclusive economy unit

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The Government has launched an Inclusive Economy Unit which will focus on supporting mission-led business plus strengthening the social investment market and social impact bonds.

Key aims are as follows:

Encourage better use of private investment and support markets that deliver social impact as well as financial returns.

Improve delivery of public services: increasing social impact while bringing value for money in the commissioning of public services

Encourage responsible business, from social enterprise start-ups to companies that aim at ‘profit with purpose’

Commenting on the launch, Rob Wilson, Minister for Civil Society, said: “A strong civil society works best when all parts of the economy and of society are being used to their full potential.

This unit will bring together the expertise of the public, private and civil society sectors to achieve this and help us build an economy and a Britain that works for everyone, not just the privileged few.”


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