Launch of Great British Food Unit

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Today has seen the launch of the Great British Food Unit which aims to support food exporters and industry growth that could create 5,000 new jobs in food and drink manufacturing.

The long-term ambition of the unit is to match France and Germany, which both currently export more than double the UK in terms of the value of food and drink. It will bring together experts in exports and investment from Defra and across government, to help businesses sell world class produce around the globe.

Over the next five years the Great British Food Unit will focus on:

  • Helping more entrepreneurs start exporting for the first time.
  • Supporting further Foreign Direct Investment into the UK food industry.
  • Securing and maintaining access for UK meat and dairy products to markets like China, Africa and South America.
  • Helping treble the number of apprenticeships in the food and drink industry to bring new skills and ideas so the pace of innovation continues to accelerate.
  • Increasing the number of Protected Food Names from 64 to 200 to celebrate the iconic traditions of British food, building on the importance consumers place on provenance.

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