Help stop the quagga mussel threat

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Anyone who uses lakes and rivers is being urged to help slow the spread of an invasive mussel recorded in the UK for the first time this month.

The quagga mussel, first spotted by Environment Agency teams carrying out water quality testing on the River Wraysbury, has now been confirmed in nine locations in the south east.

To slow the spread of the species, anglers, sailors and others should use the “check, clean, dry” approach by thoroughly cleaning and drying any fishing or boating equipment after use.

The quagga mussel can significantly affect freshwater ecosystems and can out-compete native mussels. It can also block water pipes and smother boats’ hulls.

Sarah Chare, head of fisheries, biodiversity and geomorphology at the Environment Agency, says: “Everyone has an important role to play by following the simple steps of ‘check, clean, dry’”.


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