Fera to seek commercial partners

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The Government is considering a new business model for the Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera) that could turn it into a joint venture with private sector partners.

Currently 75% of Fera’s revenue comes from central government but with the level of government support expected to fall over the next few years, ministers are considering whether to bring in a partner or partners who will commit a financial stake in Fera’s future.

However, in any new structure, key teams such as the Bee Health Inspectors and the Plant Health and Seeds Inspectorate will remain inside government.

Commenting on the proposals, Environment Minister, Lord de Mauley, said: “World-class science is an asset that we all benefit from and I want to see Fera grow and develop into the future.

“Fera already plays an important role in the food industry and I want to make sure that Fera can take advantage of this growing, global market place.”

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