Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is a broad term, but for CMM Rural it relates to the exemplary professional standards we endeavour to offer our clients and the way in which members of staff and the company as a whole contribute to the global and local community.

From our involvement with local charities to raising funds and increasing awareness about mine clearance projects in some of the most troubled countries in the world, we offer our time and resources with glad hearts.

CMM Rural supports landmine clearance

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Whilst mercifully not a problem for UK farmers, CMM Rural actively supports landmine clearance for farmers worldwide, with managing director, Graham Allen, recently having attended the MAG (Mines Advisory Group) inaugural gala dinner.

CMM has supported MAG for many years and Graham is a UK representative of the charity which works to tackle the destructive legacy of conflict and release land for food production, through the clearance of landmines.

MAG’s inaugural gala dinner took place on 18th April at St Paul’s Cathedral, celebrating the charity’s life-saving work with speakers including Nick Roseveare, MAG’s chief executive and BBC World Affairs producer, and Mohamed A Omaar, a former deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs of Somalia.

MAG has worked in more than 40 countries since 1989 and currently has operations in in Angola, Burundi, Cambodia, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

In supporting MAG, Graham regularly gives talks on the charity’s work and alarms visitors to his office with his landmine collection – which, of course, has been professionally rendered safe.

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