CAP policy deals stuck

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The UK has struck a number of deals to keep the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on its path of reform.

In response to pressure, the Agriculture Council has provided reassurance that each of the four UK countries can continue to implement CAP regionally.

Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, comments: “A one size fits all approach to CAP just doesn’t work. England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales must be allowed the freedom to deliver outcomes tailored to their own circumstances.”

The Council also agreed to give the UK freedom to design its own greening measures, rather than having to offer the European Commission’s greening measures in parallel with its own.

According to Defra, discussions with farmers in England will begin on how greening should be designed alongside the next Rural Development Programme.

Finally, the UK, working with allies, persuaded the Council to agree that sugar beet quotas should end in 2017 rather than be extended to 2020.

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