Ground Source Heat

We can provide services to the following clients: partnerships of four or more people; trusts and charities; limited companies and public limited companies. We regret we cannot assist sole traders and partnerships of under four people.

Heat pumps use conventional refrigeration to absorb heat from one source (air, water or ground) and transfer it to another source and raise it to a temperature suitable for space heating and hot water.

We offer a range of high quality heat pumps that ensures we can meet the most demanding requirements for hot water and space heating through the use of ground source, water source and air source heat pump systems.

Heat pumps provide effective heating and cooling solutions for all types of buildings, domestic, commercial and retail premises including hotels and residential complexes. Using a well established technology, heat pumps are more efficient than most conventional systems, generating up to five times as much output for each unit of input. Heat pumps can also be reversible, working to heat a building in winter and keep it cool in summer.

Heat Pumps Benefits

  • Savings of 30-70% on heating bills when replacing conventional electric, oil or LPG gas heating
  • More efficient than most conventional heating systems
  • Compatible with most current heating and hot water systems
  • Financial assistance for commercial customers from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

With our open market approach, we cater for all types of development, whether small or large-scale.

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From initial contact to completion a dedicated member of our team will be there to guide you through any complexities and to keep you updated.

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