Anaerobic Digestion

We can provide services to the following clients: partnerships of four or more people; trusts and charities; limited companies and public limited companies. We regret we cannot assist sole traders and partnerships of under four people.

Anaerobic digestion is a natural process in which micro-organisms break down organic matter found in wet waste such as sewage sludge, animal manure and waste food. The process produce biogas which can be burned directly in a gas boiler to produce heat or in a combined heat and power unit to produce both heat and electricity.

Alternatively, biogas can be “cleaned” to remove carbon dioxide and other substances to produce biomethane that can be injected into the national gas grid or used as a vehicle fuel.

So, if you are looking for finance to install an anaerobic digester, we will first and foremost take the time to get to know you and understand your objectives. From there we can source the most cost-effective loan not only for today but with the future in mind.

In addition, you can benefit from our expertise in anaerobic digestion, for example, with regard to current regulatory controls, the cost and complexity of connection to the gas grid, operating costs and planning issues.

At CMM Rural we believe there is no substitute for the personal touch and the face-to-face meeting. If you are looking for funding for a wind power project, we will take the time to get to know you and understand your business.

From there on we can source a cost-effective loan not only for today but with the future in mind.

Rising energy costs and Feed-in Tariffs, which mean you can be paid for producing “green” electricity, are just two of the factors contributing to growth in the UK wind energy sector. And with innovation from turbine manufactures also driving the market, methods of funding are becoming more diverse.

With our open market approach and established relationships with specialist lenders, we cater for all types of development, whether small or large-scale.

We have a reputation for both straight talking and an in-depth understanding of Britain’s rural economy and we are backed by lenders who have stood the test of time in our dealings with them.

Because we are committed to getting to know you and to understanding your needs, we won’t waste your time with promises that can’t be delivered.

From initial contact to completion a dedicated member of our team will be there to guide you through any complexities and keep you updated.

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  • Report the findings
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