NFU launches “Flag It” labelling campaign

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The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has launched a “Flag It” campaign alongside new research indicating that 83% of Britons think the labelling of milk in cheese and butter should be clearer.

The research also reveals that several retailers have been failing to adhere to the Defra code, by not properly labelling the origin of some cheese and dairy products that have been imported into the UK.

The campaign will make use of pictures sent in by the public aimed at showing supermarkets how to make things clearer.

NFU director of corporate affairs, Tom Hind, comments: “While genuine improvements have been made in labelling over the past few years, there are still examples where labels on many products are not clear and can confuse consumers into thinking that they are buying British produce when they are not.”

The NFU is also urging landlords to keep rent increases at realistic levels following a challenging harvest, which has seen yields down as much as 15%.

The call follows reports from members suggesting that some landlords are looking to increase their rents significantly in autumn reviews.

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