• Developments in plant biosecurity

    The Government has published a risk register that highlights 700 possible threats to Britain’s trees and plants and will be of interest to a range of groups including nurseries and woodland managers. At the same time, Defra says it is making tree and plant health one of its top priorities and is continuing to tackle tree pests and diseases, including Chalara, by: introducing tighter controls on the import of oak, ash, plane and sweet chestnut trees allocating £8m ...

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  • Ash disease found in Devon

    Devon has become the 11th county in England where Chalara has been discovered in the wider environment (forests and woodland); the other counties are Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Kent, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex, Lincolnshire and Northumberland. The disease has now been confirmed at 525 sites including 185 locations in the wider environment. Chalara was discovered in England’s woodland last Autumn but as the trees are leafing, it is easier to see cases of the disease and ...

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  • Search for Chalara-resistant Ash intensifies

    A major project to find Chalara-resistant Ash trees has been announced by Defra. The £1.5 million scheme, which forms part of the Chalara Management Plan published earlier this week, will see a quarter of a million young Ash trees planted in up to 25 sites. The sites will mainly be in East Anglia as this is the area with the most cases of Chalara, and the young trees will be exposed and monitored in the search for ...

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