• TB strategy ahead of schedule

    England is set to apply for Officially TB-Free (OTF) status for more than half of the country next year - two years ahead of schedule. Gaining OTF status for the low risk area, which covers the north and east of England, should boost trade opportunities and mean some herds require less regular TB testing, reducing costs for farmers. Achieving this status is a key step in the Government’s 25-year plan for the whole of the UK to be ...

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  • Cull costs almost £7,000 per badger

    DEFRA has been forced to reveal the cost of the UK's badger cull policy in a Freedom of Information request brought by the Badger Trust. The final bill for the taxpayer (including policing costs) is just under £16.8 million, which works out at £6,775 per badger killed.  The DEFRA figures show: 2012 badger cull postponement costs - £2,500,000 2013 badger cull cost - £9,818,000 2014 badger cull cost - £4,459,000

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  • Badger culls resume

    Natural England has today confirmed that all the criteria have been met to allow the second of four years of badger culling to start in west Gloucestershire and west Somerset, to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis. Operations in these areas where bovine TB is rife will be carried out under the existing four-year licences which allow six weeks of culling to take place every year between 1st June and 31st January. Start dates for culling ...

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  • Surveillance cameras used to combat bovine TB

    Infrared surveillance cameras monitoring badger visits to cattle farms are to be used in a new study to determine the risk faced by individual farms of badgers entering buildings. Defra has announced that cameras will be installed at 75 volunteer farms across South West England and over a four week period will count the number of badger visits. The study will also determine what factors encourage badgers to visit farm buildings regularly. Badger visits to farm buildings ...

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  • Pilot badger culls postponed

    Defra has agreed to postpone pilot badger culls in West Somerset and West Gloucestershire until Summer 2013. The move follows a request from the National Farmers Union  following new survey results which revealed higher than expected badger numbers in the two areas. The criteria for the two pilots include the need to remove a minimum of 70% of the local badger population, as scientific evidence suggests this is the level required to reduce bovine TB. According to Environment ...

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