anaerobic digestion

  • Britain’s recycling stalls

    British recycling is stalling: recycling rates rose just 0.2% between 2012 and 2013, partly because of the disjointed way recycling is organised across the UK. A new report from environmental think-tank, Green Alliance, claims the UK's recycling market isn’t working too well, to the extent that we are losing an estimated £1.7 billion in material and reuse value each year. Outdated policy means that a plastic bottle discarded at home is treated differently across the UK’s 376 ...

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  • Funding for farmers to turn waste into energy

    Farmers can now obtain funding to set up small anaerobic digestion (AD) plants under a government-funded loan scheme. The £3 million initiative allows farmers to apply for up to £400,000 to help them finance on-site AD technology, which can save money on energy costs and even boost  income if they export electricity to the grid. In addition, farmers can use the bio-fertiliser produced by the AD process to replace some of the artificial fertilisers they would otherwise buy. Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, ...

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