• Agri-Tech Catalyst awards £17.8m in funding

    Projects to improve agriculture and food production at home and overseas have received £17.8 million under the latest round of the Government’s Argi-Tech Catalyst funding scheme. Projects include assessing the potential to commercialise the farming of lobsters; a proposal to cultivate scallops on ropes and a way of continuing to make whisky with UK wheat, by using a novel variety. The ...

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  • £16m in funding for agri-tech

    Twenty-four innovative agri-tech projects have been awarded a share of £16 million funding through the latest round of the Government’s Agri-Tech Catalyst scheme. Successful projects in the fifth round include the development of a robot that accurately eliminates and controls weeds, which will significantly reduce the use of herbicides in food production. Another project will look at why potato greening ...

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