Simpler rules on livestock movements

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Simpler rules on livestock movements are to be introduced in England from July, Farming Minister, George Eustice, has announced.

The changes, originally recommended by the Task Force on Farming Regulation, include a new system for registering land on which livestock are kept. This will be run jointly by the Animal and Plant Health Agency and Rural Payments Agency.

Under the existing animal movement regime, many farmers must report livestock movements to any other land they own or rent beyond a five-mile radius of their home farm. The reporting automatically triggers a six-day lockdown – or “standstill” – on the farm during which no animals can be moved. There is also a raft of different rules for sheep, cattle and pigs under a complicated web of schemes, including the Cattle Tracing System Links and Sole Occupancy Authorities.

The new scheme, to be phased in over 12 months, will replace this and all farmers will be able to move their animals around any land they have registered and are using within a 10-mile radius without the need for reporting, or standstills. Reporting and standstill requirements for livestock movements to other farms or businesses will continue to apply.

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