Government reaffirms commitment to rural businesses

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Rural England has apparently been given new powers to hold the Government to account on its promise to grow the rural economy and support thriving rural communities.

The Rural Statement, launched by Environment Secretary Owen Paterson earlier this week, formalises the Government’s drive to help rural businesses overcome barriers to growth and make a sustainable contribution to economic recovery.

Available on the Defra website, it sets out initiatives that are already making progress in this area alongside those that could open up rural business opportunities in the near future.

Superfast broadband delivery, rural business grants and Rural Growth Networks are among the schemes outlined.

The Statement also reaffirms the Government’s commitment to tackle red tape and free rural businesses and farms from unnecessary government control.

Mr Paterson comments: “For too long, rural England was neglected by central government and its businesses struggled to achieve their ambitions.”

He adds: “We’ve created the first ‘rural contract’ to give rural areas the power to hold us to account on our promise to grow the rural economy and support thriving rural communities.”

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