CAP Reform: dual use to continue

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Farmers and landowners in England with Environmental Stewardship agreements will be able to maintain their existing dual use arrangements in 2015.

The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) says the decision covers all existing Environmental Stewardship agreements, including those remaining to be signed up this year.

Dual use arrangement mean that two different beneficiaries can receive support under two separate CAP schemes for the same piece of land, at the same time, provided the different parties can each meet the rules of the different schemes.

The RPA adds a reminder that tenants or landlords whose land will be in dual use in 2015 should be aware that with the introduction of greening requirements, where land is let out under a tenancy agreement (Agricultural Holdings Act or Farm Business Tenancy), the tenant will need to include that land when working out their greening requirement. The landlord should not include that land as part of their greening requirement.

Further information about how dual use will work for new environmental land management schemes should be made soon.

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